The worlds most annoying alarm clock!

Classic, modern style. Smooth, refined form. Oh, and possibly the most obnoxious feature set possible in an alarm clock (aside from a clock that actually flees away from you): You must complete a jigsaw puzzle to deactivate the alarm. No cord to cut, since it’s battery operated, and “recommended for […]

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…in the vines of KHK on the weekend. we arent officially open for game tours or hunting yet, lets just hope the sneaky 4 legged beast doesnt develop a keen liking for quality Shiraz! !!

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Nestled High in the Mountains of Ashton

!! Created first among equals, Kleinhoekkloof Wines rests high in the mountains of the Robertson valley, producing some of the best wines on offer to those who know someone who know someone. Our wines are not available commercially in stores, restaurants or even yet in Specialist Wineshops. Why? Because we […]

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Early Mornings

It was 7:30 when I got to the office this morning. SHOCKER!!! I know…… Th Girlfriend lives otherside the boerewoes curtain and to beat traffic I need to rise at 5:30am and head back to town. This morning I went for a 40min run in the dark, got cleaned up […]

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