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Why Mountains?

I could blame the entire thing on Ayn Rand, of course, but then that would be a cop out. It was somewhere, during reading her books, that I became aware of the dominance of man on its landscape. This …
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Your choice

It’s been over three weeks since the last post here on Urban Ninja. My wife reminded me of that this morning as we lay in bed, morning coffee in hand. I confessed that I no longer consider mysel…
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A different post today, but something highly on my mind in the last week while I have travelled and had time to ponder. Ethics is something I have valued more and more, the older I get. It comes with …
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Rehidrat Tips 2014

As you know – I love Rehidrat. It’s the absolute cornerstone of my nutrition when it comes to hydration and recovering pre-and-post training and events. For 2014, we have produced some tra…
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Something worth doing

For a while now, things have been so awesomely busy that I haven’t had a chance to stop and smell those damn roses in SUCH a long time. Between Craft, Privateer, Ellipsis (the thing we do not sp…
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Throwing Stones

On Friday, news broke of this story where an athlete had suspended himself because SAIDS had turned down 2 of his TUE exemptions and he tested positive for a banned substance, etc. Some will say more …
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The Yard Stick

On Friday, I was lucky enough to have lunch with one James Cunnama. Our banter varied from everything to nothing and so much in between. Having been fast friends for years, there is a natural comfort …
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Just a game

It’s that time of the year when I want to find the motivation for the next 12 months. Little clips like this are what motivate me. Today I am aching all over from my first session of rehab for a…
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untitled etc

the global village is just that… a village. every village has it’s idiot, it’s hero and it’s untouched beauty. perhaps our idiot is the way we consume without consequence. perh…
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