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I am currently suffering from a little writers block. You’ll have witnessed this if you came back here regularly looking for fresh, new content. If you look on Privateer, there is no new content…
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Value thoughts

Thoughts on value I found this quote the other day. Price is a public matter — a negotiation between supply and demand. A thing’s price is set in competition. So the price of a car is determined b…
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The Simple Successful Day

I have been trying my utmost to settle back into a work routine after the amazing triple Ironman, Joberg2c and Sani2c experience. While I came back with a mind full of expert-level ideas, my execution…
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Endurance Thoughts

It’s no secret, right? This boy loves going long. Since the early days, I preferred running the 1200m to the 100m and swam the 1500m far better than the 200m. Efficiency was always my game. In t…
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