HED Jet Plus 6 front 9 rear combination wheelset.


As leaders in aerodynamic innovation, HED wheels are the most advanced available and the HED Jet Plus 6/9+ Clincher Wheelset is perfect to help you reach your top performances in time trials or triathlons. These wheels are built for speed and extensive experience and research has gone into ensuring the optimum rolling resistance, cross wind stability, drive train efficiency, comfort and cornering performance.



A Jet 6 Plus wheel is used for the front and, with a 60mm rim depth, it reduces drag regardless of the conditions, and provides sublime handling for confidence in corners. The Jet 9 Plus rear wheel is aerodynamically unassailable and has been used in winning Tour de France and World Championship time trial performances and numerous Ironman championships. Despite having a 90mm deep rim, the ‘Stability Control Technology’ (SCT) manipulated carbon ‘skin’ means it can perform like a much shallower wheel, making it suitable for windy conditions, unlike many deep section wheels available.

The heart of the wheels, the rim, feature HED’s ‘hybrid’ Plus format; a wide aluminium plus rim is bonded to a UD carbon aerodynamic ‘skin’. This design optimises clincher use as the rim-to-tyre interface is widened to alter the cross sectional profile and increase sidewall stability. This change in ‘footprint’ to make it shorter and wider results in a lower rolling resistance, more grip in corners and improved comfort.

The Carbon FR Sonic hubset has super high grade ABEC 5 stainless bearings rotating around oversized axels – 12mm at the front and 15mm at the rear – reducing peak forces for improved rolling performance and increased bearing life.

Aerodynamic Sapim CX-Ray spokes – 18 on the front, and 24 on the rear – make the perfect pairing and tie the rim to the hubset. Up front, this reduces drag and at the rear, ensures maximum stiffness and efficiency.


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