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Limited to 20 packs of a signed Paul Senyol Print, with a matching Cuore of Switzerland Silver Vent jersey, both numbered to match, this is a rare chance to invest in art and enjoy the matching piece out on the road.

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Here at Privateer, we want to push the envelope. We want to change the way we look at cycling. It’s more than just riding a bike. For many, cycling is an artform. We love art and one of our favourite local artists is Paul Senyol. Imagine our surprise when we got on the ‘Gram and just asked him if we could do a collaboration and he says YES!

Paul Senyol

The formal qualities of line, shape and hue are the basis of Paul Senyol’s compositions that celebrate the abstract moments of the image. Through his painting process, Senyol connects with the language of his neighbourhood in which he is often seduced by the scratchings of a streetwalker. He likes it when kids take a piece of chalk and write on the wall. Senyol received no formal artistic training, but he has been studying art and the mark since his fascination with skateboarding magazines as a teenager in Cape Town. He is inspired by the Mission School Art Movement in San Francisco, the Woostercollective, Marc Gonzalez, Ed Templeton, Barry McGee, punk rock music and the way skateboarding and cycling enables him to access the city. Graphics, album covers, magazine layouts and illustrations are an important influence in his aesthetic, as is the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Cy Twombly, Henri Matisse and Joan Miró, respectively. Senyol came to prominence exhibiting “free art” on street corners in the early 2000s, enabling him to connect directly with the street and its unexpected audiences. He now exhibits almost exclusively within the gallery space, but this shift remains, for him, just another space to engage the viewer in a new way.

Paul ride his bike, a lot. The print he created for us depicts many of things he has picked up on during his bike rides. We translated that into a jersey from Cuore of Switzerland and the outcome is a superb combination.

To be clear, you are buying a jersey and a print, packaged together and shipped together. Together, this forms a ‘pack’ and we are limiting the total production to 20 ‘packs’. Your jersey number will match your print number. The print is an A1 on archival paper and will be a central piece in any room once framed.

As soon as all 20 packs are gone, we will run these into production and get your packs out to you ASAP.

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