April 23, 2008

Support these people : Because I do…

In a world where we are hit with over 30000 marketing messages a day, its truely essential to sort the bad from the totally fricken awesome. I am a particular person (some would say impossible, but lets leave them to their opinions) and as such, pledge my support to products and businesses with fair ethics, fantastic service, and totally fricken awesome products. Here is a list of websites you have to visit. Talk to these people. They know more than you do.

Gordo Byrn. Gordo has provided me with much of the knowledge I share with you. Sometimes I just quote whole articles he wrote, he`s that good helps me de-prehystorize my PC abilities.

Seth Godin is one smart marketing lad.

Andrew Brauteseth. Digirati Police no 1.

Cyclingnews. The worlds resource for up to the minute cycling information.

Slowtwitch. Smart people write stuff for the founder of Quintana Roo.

Kleinhoekkloof wines.The choice of people who get laid more than those who dont drink it…

2Oceansvibe. Work is overrated. Live the holiday. Cape Town vibes….

Josh SpearsAnything thats pretty fricken awesomely cool is found on his page.

The Fishbowl has up to the minute political info on our Emmy award winning cabinet.


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