April 24, 2008

Speedo vs Arena : Olympics 2008

Hope all is rocking with you today.

If you have been on a foreign planet or stuck sandwiched between Angelina Jolie and Jenny Shimizu I excuse you but if you havent – you naughty child you! Speedo have released a new product onto the market called LAZR and to put simply, it makes you break world records. Loads of them.

Dr Ross Tucker at the Sport Science Institute has a few articles going on it, read here. Magic stuff. Plus a few other links from sore as hell Arena, who ALSO just released a suit, but are not happy as they have only broken 1 world record, and are now crying like a drunken girl from Parow at Dizzy`s on a Tuesday night kareoke when “Hit me baby, one more time” wasnt on the list.


Ross Tucker.

Arena`s Supersuit.

Arena Throwing Toys.


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