May 10, 2008

Raoul de Jongh : Beatboy Extraodinaire

Since I can remember we sang in cars. Thanks mom.

I learnt to DJ a few years back and have played in clubs, bars, restaurants, houses, warehouses, open fields, cellars and just randomly as well. I have a knack for reading people and this translates with the music I play for people as well. I was lucky to be taught by a real talent, DJ extraodinaire Ryan Loader.


The music is such a key part to any night out. It should always cater to the crowd and the few people that will get up and shake it first on the dancefloor. I love parties where everyone is on the dancefloor, hangs in the air, really letting it hang out with no shame.

I am no longer a regular DJ but here are some of the places I have rocked (loads more but these are a few key ones you might know):

115 – Johannesburg
Carfax – Johannesburg
Foreal – Pretoria
Sivva – Pretoria
Chrome – Cape Town
Opium – Cape Town

My skills are for rent, and I guarantee you will be happy with the result. Real simple:

2 hour set : R700
3 hour set : R1000
All nighter : R2000

I play a mixture of whats needed : House, Deep House, Electro, Funky House, Hip-Hop, R`n`B, Klassix & my favorite to play is that big chunky funky dirty house music variatal called Twisted Disco.

If you require a DJ, let me know. Equipment hire options also available from R850 for a complete set-up.

Go on, call me. 082 3377123

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