May 19, 2008

Finding my rhythm.

This week I`m getting back into that thing called Structured Training. Completing a basic week over and over for a while. I am always amazed how hard this is, but what a critical success factor it actually is for going “Long”. With all the stress factors in my life, its so hard to get something as simple as a Basic Week right over and over.

I believe this is the single biggest factor why some athletes seem to race “Above their Potential”. They are the ones who have consistently put together a block of training by teaching their bodies to go at the right pace, and have been able to recover session to session and got the most out of their training, not necessarily the most training possible.


Happiness is such a factor for doing the good miles. Nothing kills my vibe for getting up regularly at 5:30am like personal stress. It totally overwhelms the fear I have for not performing properly. When everything in my life is going smoothly i.e. family, love, work, play, friends et al, then I find training a breeze and I have the excess energy in abundance to train properly.

Clearing the mental junk food we so willingly add to our lives is super important to me and should be to you too. Another thing that`s constantly on my mind lately is “Where do my thoughts go once I`ve had them?”

I am someone who takes his stress out on himself, and I find the more regularly I exercise, the better my body becomes at getting rid of this toxic stress flowing through my core. I am a better, more patient, fun and reliable person when I`m regularly exercising. Basic Week stuff all over again…


Great piece from Gordo on FEAR to read this week. If you dont read his blog, I recommend you do so on a regular basis. He is one of the smartest guys I deal with on what it takes to be truely great.


Was back at gym this morning at sparrows and realised how much less power I have in the morning. I dont know if this was an isolated incident but going to read up a little on it and report back, seemed to be about 15% less than when I gym in the late afternoon.


If you havent entered for the Metro Mojo Run Series in your area yet, go here its a blast and worth the Buffalo entry fee. goodie bag, free food, good looking company and a great experience. go now……….

adios for now.

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