May 28, 2008

Heat Fatigue : Continued

Update on all the information from the series from Dr Ross Tucker…..

Part 1 B can be found here

Part 2 can be found here

Part 3 can be found here

Without a doubt right on the minds of athletes preparing for Beijing and an interesting read for us mortals who have to train through summers at times. Its quite on my mind at the moment as I prep for racing in Hawaii in October.

Heat and fatigue is right up there on my list of priorities for 11 October.

Fund raising starts soon, so dont spend all your cash, I`ll be asking for some of it.


Have had some thought about structured training again and its definately a need of mine again, I can feel the body has slowed down completely in the last week and next week will resume the normal stuff again. Thinking of running 30 days in a row again, just 30 min a day. Always seems to set things right for running for the 4-6 months that follows. Bit of strides, bit of hills, lots of flat running around AeT.


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