June 8, 2008

Late Nights, Big Tunes, Great times…

So for the last while I have been DJ`ing again with regular gustor at Rhapsody`s in the Valley of the White Loafer. Whilst you`ll probably never again see my name on a poster on a electricity box in Greenpoint, I do love to spin good music and particularly enjoy house parties and places where the norm is forgotten and we are there for a good time alone.

Enter the Flavours of Life! (said as follows at about 2am… “vvvesh flashvourshes ovs liiiiiifes!”)


The vibe is generally quite chilled till about 10ish and then its been known to get ugly, with tequila being the poison of choice out that way. The incredible food that Simao cooks up is all but forgotten as the chilled area with high tables becomes the dancefloor and the bar becomes a dance area as well. Right outta Cyote Ugly.

Sometimes there is a dress up theme, a particular drinks sponsor for the evening, and sometimes we just let it all hang out…



Niiiiiice……very mnandi.


Whilst my 4 week stint there has sadly come to an end, every now and again Simao will call me up and have me come rock the party. Expect a good mix of house, electro, hip-hop and old skool. Just remember to leave your name at home.



Seriously though, keep an eye out for Rhapsodys, take your bird there, she will love the decor and the vibe. The food will twirk her senses and make her happy. She will coo…and you will be swimming in browny points.

ciao. Raoul

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