June 18, 2008

Nestled High in the Mountains of Ashton


Created first among equals, Kleinhoekkloof Wines rests high in the mountains of the Robertson valley, producing some of the best wines on offer to those who know someone who know someone.

Our wines are not available commercially in stores, restaurants or even yet in Specialist Wineshops. Why? Because we havent had enough to supply the demand just our friends, family and business associated have. Once you start with us, you will rarely move to another wine label. There is just something about the location, the terroir, the flavors from the grapes, that keep people coming back for more.

We employed the best services in the area to launch this project 4 years ago. We have the best farmer, who through generations of changes in the area, knows exactly how to get the most from our vineyards. He works seven days a week to make sure nothing passes through, giving us the most pure, natural juice to work with and the opportunity for the winemaker to create something truely magnificent.

Enter Graham Beck Wines…

Irene is the chief winemaker at Graham Beck in Robertson. We contract her skills out to make the best, and she delivers the best. She loves working with our wines, typically describing them as “Moody, large, bold, flamboyant wines that put a smile on your face everytime you drink some”. Indeed, our wines take longer to mature, our wines require more work than her normal work, but she loves the challenge, and we love her work.


So now that we have grown a little, we are starting to offer wines to a broader audience and you may even see it in 1 or 2 restaurants this year, but I cant promise, as it largely depends on the orders that come in between July-August. Typically, we are sold out before we can think about it.

This year, we are lucky enough to have 4 varietals.

A fresh, nutty, slightly tropical Sauvignon Blanc 2008, with hints of wet grass, fresh dew abd the typical guava flavors typical of the Robertson valley.

Our famous pink rose. 2008 Merlot 100% and this year its full of watermelon, honey, strawberries and wow, wow and more wow it goes down the gullet like a homesick mole. This is our best Merlot Rose yet, and you best get your hands on some. Totally untypical of a rose, its DRY, but with sweet undertones. Drink it really cold and you will be a Rose convert for ever! Beware the Pink, it skops like petrol!

Our 2006 Shiraz has been released! Spicy and mnandi, Shiraz is a gorgeous wine for red meats, tuna, pastas and risotto`s as it brings the flavors of those foods to the fore. Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Chocolate and Green Pepper will flirt with your senses and not leave you with the headache the next morning, our wines are void of bad additives!

Then last, but certainly not least, we have released Taigh, our signature Merlot 2006. Named after our first bullmastiff who stole our hearts, this Merlot will surely do the same. Soft and big, just like the creature its named after, Taigh will have you watching your glass, stealing your attention, and alas, not leaving a dash of foam on your trousers. This wine will be best in 2009 or 2010, but we are releasing it now for those who know about patience, that good things come to those who wait. Super Limited Production.


So whilst KHK sleeps through winter, we are marketing her wines, as the “Eye” in our mountain watches over the vineyards. Exclusive opportunities exist to have these wines in your restaurants this year, so if you are interested, please contact me directly.

If you want a case or two, please mail me too. There wont be much left soon.

If you wish to share a bottle overlooking something spectacular, call me. I`m all about the good times.


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