June 20, 2008

Pro Cognito Training Camps

The idea of training camps came to me not in the sense for gaining fitness. There are loads of camps available, and loads of clinics, for people who want to get into the sport of triathlon. We want to cater to a different crowd. I want the best athletes from around South Africa to get together. These are people who work hard, are at the top of their professions, and who also happen to be phenomenal athletes. We want to isolate them from the world and see how far they can push themselves without the normal distractions that are in their daily lives. Just for a week to ten days, they can be professional athletes, and live a part of their dreams.


They probably have never had the opportunity to test each other, and themselves, day to day. I want to offer them this opportunity. To put themselves at total risk of blowing up, digging deep, and doing it all over again tomorrow. I have done one such camp, and read of many stories from such camps, and the overwhelming sense after the experience is that you are left with this deep sense of calm.

That’s real.

In a culture where so much is made-to-order, I want to offer the top end of our triathlon community the chance to experience that. We will provide them with chef, massages; we will carry their bags, wash their clothes and clean their bikes. All we expect them to do is train, listen to the experts doing talks on the camps, and enjoy the experience.


Most of these guys will know that victories don’t satisfy their egos. What’s really satisfying to them is the ability to go beyond what is deemed normal, and have a story to tell others in their peer groups.

Added in to training we are going to bring in the top guys in their particular fields to help the athletes with talks on nutrition, equipment, recovery and training methodology. A real 360 degree solution for their busy lives. They aim is to improve not only their sporting lives, but their ability to live well.

We are charging a premium for the camps, as the experience is a premium one. Every athlete will walk away with a unique experience, completely physically, emotionally and mentally spent, but that calm sense will overwhelm them and fill them with confidence for their whole lives, that whatever is thrown their way, they can get through it, again and again.


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