June 23, 2008

The weekend past : A SUMMARY

Hello beautiful people : what a weekend indeed that has passed, maybe not the greatest weather in the greater Slaapstad circle of miserableness (its started affecting peoples “joy factor quotient” I swear it!) but in general, a really eventful weekend.

No less than 3 Ironman races on the weekend, and Des Moines super cash ITU race. Here are some results:

Ironman Japan, Goto, Nagasaki

Professional Women

1 Imaizumi, Naomi 09:33:59
2 Wee, Bree 09:37:12
3 Pollett, Sarah 09:54:30

Professional Men

1 McKenzie, Luke 08:29:11
2 Anderson, Mitchell 08:38:34
3 Muehlbauer, Hans 08:39:48

Ironman France, Nice, France

Professional Women

1 DOGANA, Martina 09:35:29
2 SCHUMACHER, 10:00:59
3 LOUISON, Alexandra 10:03:46

Professional Men

1 ZAMORA PEREZ, Marcel 08:34:18
2 FAURE, Hervé 08:41:55
3 BRINGER, 08:45:15

Ironman Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, USA

Professional Men

1 EVANS, TOM 08:34:22
3 LOVATO, MICHAEL 08:48:22

Professional Women

3 BOMAN, TIINA 09:55:28


In other news (drumroll)

Harare – Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said on Sunday that his decision to withdraw from this week’s presidential runoff was motivated by the “orgy of violence” – including rape, torture, murder, arson and abductions – by ruling party militants.

Do we act suprised? I was hoping for a clean run-off to the elections, but thats about as good as hoping for a petrol price reduction every month until its back to R2.50 a litre. The sad part is that Zim is such a gateway into Africa for many countries who invest heavily into South Africa, and that this move threatens them to find more direct access, meaning more loss of jobs, investment and infrastructure here.

Where to now for Zim? Lets hope our borders remain intact and that we are not affected by a roll-on affect.


Personally, I had a mixed emotions weekend. Friday evening was spent at TOY 8. The Older Youth is a gathering of people who squeaked the takkie extraordinarily in the mid 90`s. Niiiiice. Was great. People were throwing name faster than you can say “ng” 3 times in a row. The theme was a masked velvet ball, and the relative anonymity lets people forget who they are and who`s looking at them. Well done Matthew and co for another rocking evening. click the link here for more info.


Woke up at sparrows to run with Atlantic Tri Club in Cecilia Forest. ROOOKKKING! 13km through the jungle I kid you not. Waterfalls, overhangs, narrow dirt track and views that make you want to cuddle fuzzy animals that only exist in your head. 8:30 at the car park in Cecilia Forest every saturday. I have to skip this weekened, more on that later, but I recommend you head that way.


Sunday the weatherman was smoking his cats herbs, and got it all wrong. I was so looking forward to my first road ride in ages, but alas, it was mizzz.


RSS feeds info goes up later today / tomorrow so you can stay ahead of the pack by knowing whats going on here.

Thats a wrap. Ciao.

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