June 25, 2008

Coffee : A real life experiment

Those of you who know me know that I love the stuff strong, without sugar and with a dash of goodlooking company. Friendships are made and sealed over coffee, relationships repaired and I`m almost sure along the way somewhere, a major world war was given the Roundhouse Kick by sharing a cup of coffee.

Now I recently went off the black stuff to see what affect it really had on my life and how dependant I was on the daily fix.

Lets just clear there air here:

1. I dont drink Ricoffy, Nescafe, Joko, etc. Coffee = espresso made by a reputable barista in a social environment. If you really have to, grab a glass container (note the absence of the words tin, blik, plastic & polistyrene)

2. I only drink 1, maybe 2 cups a day

3. I`m not a fan of sugar.

So, after a 2 week hiatus from the the good stuff, I came to realise that all I missed was the flavor. The caffeine deprivation was minimal and I had a mild headache for 2 days. Its really the taste, the smell, the feeling of it as it rushes down my throat and fills my tummy with love, kindness and joy that I missed. Orange juice doesnt seem to make great conversation whereas coffee sparks emotion, fills the room with an expectancy for something to happen, something or someone marvellous to walk through the door.

Coffee = mnandi.

Now stare at that picture and you will salivate.


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