June 30, 2008

Clearing Headspace for Quality Thought

Todays picture comes from one of the classics of cycling, the Tour of Lombardia. Just makes me want to go out and ride my bike, just to find a place that looks as monumental as this. Cycling truely takes your places, and thats why people are so passionate about it. At times its tough to remember when yet another “hero” has fallen by the wayside and given in to the wolves of drugs and fame and egotistical nonsense, but always remember why we ride.

I`ve been away for a few days spending time with family and I realised again that when you go away from somewhere things change and you really have no power over it. Parents get older, gardens grow wilder and issues you thought were dealt with just grow in intensity. I am lucky enough to have parents who exemplify what parenthood is all about.

Its amazing going back “home” and all the emotions that fill that place run through you again like you never left, but as your moments there grow so do the emotions wane.

So the thing I walked away with from the weekend was to clear those emotions, because thats all they are ; left over shrapnel from the past. Dont indulge in things which have been dealt with and are best left to sleep. Stirring the emotional pot does nothing but create doubt and doubt can only lead to not achieving your goals by affecting your drive in the process of getting there.

Clear your headspace so that you can be actively involved in getting to your goals, without unecessary distractions.

Quiet Mind, Quiet Power.

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