July 4, 2008

Boys are boys, and men are boys…oh, and the Knysna Oyster Fest Schedule.

As far as mates go, I`m well….. lets just say I`m blessed. I mean, LOOK AT US! The last supper didnt nearly have it this good. From Blue Steel to La Tigre and all the way back to a fresh dose of Magnum the guys seem to have it down, hand pointing and gesturing in all directions.

If you dont have a regular night out with the lads I highly suggest (read: get off your ass now and make some friends damnit!) you organise one. Its good for the soul.


In other boys news, I will be teaming up with Gringo & Co for a week of racing/playing/work at Knysna doing the following races:

1. 50km MTB ride through the forest. Rokking.
2. 50km Road bike (on the MTB)
3. Night Run 13km (running with Marilu)
4. Featherbed Trail Run 13km
5. Mile swim in the lagoon.
6. Xterra (3km run, 20km MTB, 10km run)
7. Runners World 8km brekki run
8. Forest 21km run

Also throwing in a round of Golf at Simola. All in all, a cracking week. Hoping that my recovery tools will include champagne, oysters and some squeaking of takkie on a dancefloor somewhere.


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