July 15, 2008

Oyster Festival, Nutrition Quality & Wine Prices

Morning/Noon/Night wherever you are.

Ive been away for 10 days in Knysna doing the Oyster Festival for work, training, and uuuuuuuum…. oysters and champers! It was one of the most mixed emotion weeks of my life I tell you. Arrived in good nic, raced well in the MTB and the night run, bonded with old friends again, etc etc…

Tuesday was when the proverbial hit the fan. I was running along with Jeannie Bomford at the Featherbed trail run and in a moment where I was admiring the (feel the) awesomeness, I rolled my ankle almost to the floor over a small rock on a flat path. Not my proudest moment ever, but I knew I had to run it out to avoid it growing to the elephantitis proportions. bummer. Couldnt walk much for the rest of the day and needless to say I was a wreck wed, thurs, fri as I couldnt train and………… du dum du dum…………. Knysna dished out its finest infected water and a whole kablewey (insert huge cartoon animation of kableweeeeey here) of us ended us vying for bathroom rental space!

Wednesday doesnt exist for everyone but Dale and Big Blade Kennedy who played nurse nurse and helped us back to health. Thanks boys, you guys saved a week heading down the loo……….

We then cruised through the weekend running the Half Marathon with many many PB`s. I ran as fast as the foot would allow and cruised home in 1:23 and some change feeling better than before the start.

The afterparty rocked rocked rocked. squeak that fricken takkie people! Havent seen people go bushbananas like that in a while.


So, some educational stuff again. Today I`m going to talk nutrition as its on the front of my page at the moment again. I want to talk about something called Nutritional Healing. I’m going to keep this as simple as possible to remove any wiggle room that our minds might seek to create.

Gordo but then again, his knowledge has helped me alot.


Phew! In other news, KHK Wines are available from me now for a limited time;

Sauvignon Blanc – R38

Merlot Dry Rose – R45

Red House Blend – R50

Shiraz 2006 – R85

thats per bottle…

Adios senoras and senoritas…

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