July 21, 2008

le Tour de France…

This time of the year is always exciting to me. The Tour de France comes around and there are a couple assumptions to be made from this:

1. 4-5pm most afternoons are taken to spend time watching TV
2. There will be doping positives. Its part of the cleaning process, and as long as there is free will, there will be stupid ego`s out there.
3. New equipment to see that we might get next year!
4. Real bravery and real pain for our pleasure.

If you want more excellent cycling reading, I recommend you go to Belgium Knee Warmers as he writes really really damn well about the life.

So far the tour has been a real pleasure to watch, despite the idiots who ruin it for their entire team. How you as an individual with a ego problem, take personal control of the finances of the bus drivers, the admin staff, your soigneur, your team mates, management and indeed, the families of all those people, by doping, is beyond me. If you get caught, all those people are affected. I dont care about you, I care about what you are doing to all those people who trust you and depend on your to do the right thing, but yet, you opt to train less, eat worse, ruin the dreams of your fans, and indeed, remove people from the sport of cycling.

The GC has been incredible, and the speeds at times stupid. Anyone see the speeding camera go off yesterday as Fabian Cancellara was clocking 70km/h on the flat leading into the last climb? I saw it. I giggled like a schoolgirl because thats beyond my comprehension. and Jens Voigt? I love this guy… look at him here…

Isnt it just beautiful? He is a domestique this year and saving his energy, as a flat stage rider, to drop most of the peleton sans 10-12 guys, on the climbs. And to quote him…….

“On the Tourmalet Volodymir Gustov and I set a hard tempo. That worked out pretty nice since I actually managed to drop Valverde and Cunego,” Voigt said proudly. “To be honest, for a moment I felt like Eddy Merckx. It gives you a huge boost in motivation and morale; you just want to go faster and faster.”


Want to know how steep the climbs are:

That steep.

Now, my favorite piece of new equipment shown at the Tour is the new Giant TT bike. the back half is pure Cervelo P3c, and the front half is just incredible. The front impact is what impresses me most. Notice the lack of cables in the air and around the head tube, which is first point of contact. Well done Giant. I am in love. I doubt this will make it to production, but I have to find one, even if I have to rob a team bus somewhere.

Today is a rest day, but tuesday and wednesday are going to be epic carnage and alot will be left out on the open roads of the Alps.


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