July 25, 2008

The next 48 hours in Cape Town

To say we live in the most amazing city in the world is an understatement. This is a mid-winter weekend but lets see whats ahead of us…

Red Bull Big Wave Africa. Link here

Friday 25 July 2008 1130h

The predictions are proving spot on at the moment as the swell continues to grow and the light offshore NW wind is creating super clean conditions out at Dungeons this morning. All the surfers are assembled in Hout Bay harbour and waiting in anticipation for their first official Red Bull Big Wave Africa 2008 practice session.

Whilst the swell isn’t quite big enough as yet, the call is that it will continue to grow through the day and the wind is set to back off by this evening, creating the ideal setting for the crew to hopefully paddle into some bombs and get into the groove for the event, especially the international surfers, many of whom have not surfed Dungeons since last year’s Big Wave Africa.

Today’s session will also provide a good opportunity for the water safety crew to fine tune their game and official photographers Alan van Gysen, Craig Kolesky and Caleb Bjergveldt will be shooting the proceedings from the water and mountain. So should the surf roll in as expected, there will be some insane images – the big drops, fat pits and gnarly slams we’ve come to expect from surfing at Dungeons – which will be posted online this afternoon.

The event is also still on Amber alert status for a possible start early on Saturday morning.


Neighbourhoods Goods Market

On the topic of The Old Biscuit Mill, I regularly go to The Neighbourhood Goods Market. It’s amusing and quite entertaining. I took some photos there last year and stuffed around the entire time. It was classic though because there was this massive pile of horse shit, and this one kid was so amped to go and play with it but his mom was having none of it. So he just stared at it, the way I would stare at a bottle of beer that someone won’t allow me to drink.

It’s that look of utter despair as you realise that you want it, you NEED it, inside you, but someone is telling you “No!” Kids are so funny.

For those of you this way inclined, you can buy ’shrooms at The Neighbourhood Goods Market. Apparently they are the ones used for cooking though and in no way are they “magic” Which is a little disappointing because they are MASSIVE and look DELICIOUS. So if you like a bit of ’shrooms in your food, the best ones are at The Old Biscuit Mill. Look at the size of those things, amazing.

Urban Ninja Group Ride

Just the usual. Me, Fabian, Stuey, Bobby J going up Chappies. Thats how I roll.
If you are clueless to who these guys are :

Fabian Cancellara – 2 x World Timetrial Champ, Dolce & Gabbana rampmodel.
Bobby Julich – finished 3rd at the Tour de France.
Stuart o`Grady – Paris Roubaix winner, Olympic Gold Medallist.

The Cape has some of the most spectacular scenery and I love covering it on my own power i.e. on a bicycle. Helps that I`m also training for Hawaii Ironman, if you want to see what Ironman is about, visit the link here and watch this YouTube movie.

Ironman Hawaii

Le Terribles Duo`s Evenings of Quiet Destruction

I just got word from Bruce Martin that he and his twin Simon are still rocking it at Karma in Camps Bay on Friday nights. This from Bruce…

For and evening of cape towns trendiest people and awesome house beats with live act by george sax and simon ( twins). U will definatley not be disappointed!! Karmas exquisite décor and perfect service will ensure a memorable night !!!

Set on camps bays main road right above the Cape Town Fish Market opposite the beach – its awesome views are only exceeded by the great crowd and pumping music

For bookings call/sms simon on 082 5665 070

Now, if you havent been to a night with Si & Bruce, its crazy. I`d pack a toothbrush, medical kit and a fresh set of clothes for the champers breki in the morning. My boys know how to let it all hang out there and arent scared of putting a few Mexicans down the hatch. You cant miss them and if you happen to be new to the vibe, tell them I sent you. They will take personal care of you.

Just an average Cape Town weekend. Mnandi.

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