July 30, 2008

Thoughtful times.

Those who know me will know that I am a thinker. That I see alot of what the world misses out on, the nuances of people and the things that bother them that they dont voice, I seem to feel in them. Its a gift my mother passed onto me, and one I am thankful for, as I have been able to help many people around me in times when they thought their struggle was alone.

In all my training lately I havent taken music along and have not had to because there is alot of my mind. Lots of good opportunities, lots of challenges and lots of normal nigglies when it comes to dealing with people.

Someone in my office remarked this week “Is there anyone you dont know?” and it got me thinking that indeed, I know lots of people, in many places. My Facebook profile is quite high in friends, and my cellphone has many contacts, and I can never go anywhere (no matter how obscure) without knowing someone there. I dont think I know that many people, I just believe the people I know travel and are adventurous to try new places (hence knowing someone in Pofadder when on the way through there) and I always have a story to tell about someone I know doing amazing things. So the people around me are go getters. Tick.

Opportunities are only as good as the decisions we make around those. Lord knows I`ve botched some great ones, and gone after ones that were pretty weak, but I put that down to lack of experience and the process of gaining it. Knock of life kind of thing. Challenges are the same, if we make the right decisions quickly around our challenges, then we come out with opportunities or even better, we skip that phase and go directly to quantifiable, tangible success.

I have been putting in the mindframe for success in Hawaii at Ironman World Champs on 11 October for a few weeks now and I can feel the mindshift to that being a pattern and a habit now. I feel awake when I get up in the morning, no matter how bad the weather. I have purpose when training, and am focussed on my nutrition (opting not to eat crap when its presented to me) and my mind is alot clearer than it was a few weeks ago. I have lost 2.5kg in the last 2.5 weeks and I put that down to getting back into this mindset.

At the moment I`m craving my own time and my own headspace and in particular, that which feels like this picture;

I can find that forest, but running in Cape Town winter in limited clothing is just not going to happen in the next few weeks. So for now, I`m in search of the forest. The quiet place where my thoughts are my own and I am responsible for the turns I make. Caveman theory I guess. But thats where I`m at.

Quiet Mind = Quiet Power.


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