August 4, 2008

Housemate Selection, Athletic Potential & Emotional Responsibility

Its been a long weekend in terms of achievement, personal gain, reflection and a good few laughs in the middle there too. My bicycle had a few repairs to it and wasnt quite ready for the weekends ride, but alas, like a knight in shining armour, my housemate came through and let me lend his bike. This got me thinking about what the perfect housemate entails. I had 5 hours to think about it on Saturday morning as I rode his bike in the sun, the clouds, the drizzle and the downright icecrystal rain. Power.

The Perfect Housemate

1. You are more or less the same height. This is useful for loaning bicycles.

2. You have the same shoesize. Bikes use specific pedals and you may need his shoes.
3. You have zero in common when it comes to taste in women. Competition between mates for a girl is not fun.
4. You drink the same beer. Easier to share in emergency situations, like when the sun sets and its sunny and this is your view (like us, this is what we see when the sun goes down over our balcony. cry now).

5. You eat the same sort of foods. I am a healthy guy and I prefer to eat good, whole foods. Luckily, my housemate is the same. KFC and Lentil Bolognaise dont mix.
6. You both like watching Womens Brazillian Beach Volleyball. With a beer in hand.
7. One of you is a chef, and one of you likes to clean up (i.e. stack the dishwasher).
8. If you are single, your housemate should have hot friends of the opposite sex. This is not an option, but the law.
9. Your housemate needs to be able to defend you if you are 12 tequilas down the hatch.
10. Should tell you to HTFU when your vibe is low and you know its coming from a caring place.


Athletic Potential is on my mind at the moment as its really really really (did I mention its really) tough training through this winter for the coming race in 10 weeks time. I am wondering a few things :

1. How much of my base I laid down for Ironman SA will still be in the legs come Hawaii.
2. If I am at 90% of my fitness will my genetic athletic potential cover the 10% I might be missing from the tough winter.
3. How strong is my immune system. I am varying my temperature and coming into contact with so many sick people on a daily basis that I am curious how long and how far I can push this system in winter vs summer.
4. I have a few niggles at the moment and am constantly watching myself and how I feel. How does this affect my mental stability / ability to train correctly?

I know that athletic potential is only as good as the work you are willing to put in. By that I mean training, eating correctly, sleeping enough and clearing your mind of the junk that comes with living in the Western World. Then you need to take that and balance it with spending enough time with friends and loved ones to make sure everyone is sane and has respect for what you are trying to achieve… that would be a life lives in real excellence.


Then lastly, and this has to come thanks of a friend of mine who`s all about the Sun and seems to have it all sorted. In the tougher times we are experiencing as a result of many things beyond our control (credit act, petrol, food prices etc) there is a real building up emotions in SA where a fear based society is the norm. There has always been some sort of “gevaar” going on here. I have found lately that no matter how placid or calm I am and how in control of my emotions I may be, I could say something trivial to someone and they will totally blow up about it.

Here is my new statement: ” I am not taking responsibility for your emotions”

In other words, I am going to do what I can do to make sure I treat you with the love, respect and trust that you deserve, but I cannot take any blame for the way you react to what I say, that is your choice, and your happiness will be based on that. I work in a real pressured environment and there is alot of “blamestorming” going on here, and I find that no matter what I say, people will make their own assumptions here about that. Not my problem anymore. I am going to be as great an example as I can of the person I am striving to be, and its up to people to react the way they want.

Makes sense to me, but so did wearing Buffalo Boots and silver pants a decade ago. Who knows what`ll make sense in another decade.


Hope all is well with you.
Have an amazing week ahead, its out there, just take it.

Quiet Mind, Quiet Power.

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