August 5, 2008

We be haaaaaaavin it!

So what we be havin you ask?

Today we be havin tha heart of tha champion man! Ok enough dictator impressions now. I woke up in the dark this morning and was not loving the fact that I had to don little clothing and head out to run in the dark. I had a chat with myself. I may have pinched myself in the bum to get up. By the time I was out the door I was convinced I was cursing myself.

2km into my run I realised I wasnt alone, that other brave (stupid) souls indeed, also ran in the dark. I caught glimpses of them as they may (or may not, this could have been my mind) ran past me in the opposite direction. I felt a bit better to know that I wasnt the only idiot out there with a goal in mind. The following image shot into my mind. It happens to be my wallpaper at the moment.

The guy has purpose. Can you see that? He be havin the canounies to make him a champion. His mother must love him, because no girlfriend would wash that gear. he just seems to focussed. But then it hit me, like a small freight train on the shin, that he must have hated getting up too, but that he had other souls to beat that day, and that in this moment you see here, he looks like he`s having a whale of a time.

I felt a little better. Even upped the pace a little until the point where I stopped to do hill repeats. I did them well, keeping the heart down, the form up, and the vibe was good man! Down to the grass and did the strides I needed to do (wanted to do by this point) and loved it. Took a stroll home and by now, it was light and I was far less gloomy, and indeed, I was haaaaavin it!!

Sometimes you just need to get out the door, to turn misery into mission. Skidoooooosh!


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