August 21, 2008

Formula for Success.

I like that picture. Choose your peergroup wisely I say! They might be the reason you`re not getting there….

I know there are alot of people who read this blog who are going through constant personal change and challenges. We are all trying to improve our lives and live a life of purpose and success is one of the major driving factors for most of us, from personal success in swimming a 50m butterfly to making that first million rand.

Our emotions and programming are generally our biggest enemy and the way we react to people and situations often has very little to do with the actual situation and far more to do with what has happened in our lives leading into that moment. We as humans find it almost impossible to live in the moment, almost always living in the past. We almost never treat those around us based on how they treat us, but rather on how other similar people in our lives past have treated us. I see this alot in my relationships with people and its something I`ve spent the last 2 years really working on.

When it comes to a loving, trusting personal relationship with a girl, boy or uhm… both, I often find myself saying “How am I in trouble for this?” and I know I`ve done it to people too. I`ve been lied to, cheated on and betrayed and it hurt the core of my trust and left an imprint that the ego loves feeding on. I find that for someone like myself who likes control, that just letting be what I cant affect is sometimes really hard. I`m just human after all. Why do we treat new love like it`ll bite us in the rear and feed poison into us?

To a large extent, we are what we think and our perceptions are often more real than our realities. Our perceptions + our beliefs + our emotions = our reality in alot of situations, not the reality itself. Our thoughts become our realities and we become our greatest enemies.

So who is responsible for this?

Is it the people who hurt us, betrayed us, loved us and cherished us? No

You are responsible for your own thoughts, your thought patterns and for your own reality. God gave us each our own little world, and the free will to have our own set of paint brushes to apply to this continuously evolving canvas called “my life”. Sometimes we paint in amazing colors, when our clarity is high and our emotional centre strong, and other times we paint in black, with anger and with lust. But its your own responsiblity and you have to own up and take the consequences of your painting techniques.

How cool is that?

I control my own life. So where do my patterns come from and whats this formula for success stuff?


Microsoft Paint conjured up this fantastic image below this. I did it myself and yes, next time I will try use more color:

We start at Programming and how that affects our Thoughts, which in turns determines the Emotions we have for something. We take Action based upon that, and end up with a Result. Thats the circle and it gets repeated and repeated.

The stronger your negative or positive programming, the worse or better results you will come out with. The first 2, Programming and Thoughts, are invisible to the world, but the last 3, our Emotions, Actions and Results, are visible to all. Hence, we should take action at the first two, so that the last 3 can be powerful to the world.

So whats your choice? Are you going take power over your programming and treat people the way they deserve to be treated, based on their actual actions, or are you going to treat them as if they already disappointed you in a past life.

Live in the now.


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