August 25, 2008

Your Inner Muse

How happy is that kid? Awesome.

I`ve had the best friend here for the weekend past, and not only did it amount to a new record in funny moments, I also realised something quite important (quite the thinker I am becoming) that maybe alot of us miss out in life.

My best mate and I are like kids when we`re together. Its quite confusing for alot of people around us, as our humor becomes very much like that of a 6 year old, especially after a few drinks. We connect on a level that is very simple and our understanding of each other is quite simple too. I trust he has my best interests at heart and in the fore of his brain all the time, and he feels that way too. Make no mistake – we fight like kids too sometimes, but thats more to do with ego than actual problems that have a effect on the world as a whole.

Anyhow, I read an introduction to a book called The Artists Way and in there, Julia Cameron talks about your inner child being your only real muse in life. That your inner child is the one who keeps you fresh and awake, happy and a joy to be around. Kids just have a way of seeing the good, dont they. I realise that Collin is a physical pathway for me to that inner child, because my inner child and his seem to have alot in common.

the Muses (Ancient Greek αἱ μοῦσαι, hai moũsai [1]: are a sisterhood of goddesses or spirits, their number set at nine by Classical times, who embody the arts and inspire the creation process with their graces through remembered and improvised song and stage, writing, traditional music, and dance.

I believe artists are the people who change the world. You can be an artist in the traditional sense or express your creativity in the fields of sales, investment, banking, if your artistic/creative expression is coming through you will be a leader and a visionary for those around you who lack the creative zest to get to their goals. Your inner child is such a pathway to this creativity.

You`ll see kids playing all the time. Sing, song, dance, act, creating worlds in their simple environments. When we grow up we lose that ability and lack the knowledge to why “everything has become so mundane”. Go out and dance like your life depended on it. Create something with your hands, or just sit there and do it in your mind, but open the creative passages and you will discover a side of you thats just buried.

Oh, and laugh. Again and again. One of the biggest changes in my life came after I started laughing out loud alot more. People noted I was laughing more, and when I laughed I bellowed! For me, Calvin & Hobbes makes me laugh. The 6 year old in me relates to what he`s creating in his world. Whats your channel? How do you find your inner child?

Dont be so stuck in doing “big person” things all the time. This weekend we went to places which we knew would bring out the funny and light comedy that we both love. We were super excited and ready for anything to develop from our adventures, and you should go that way in life too. Wake up not knowing what the day will bring, and be excited about that.

If you`re feeling down and tired and not in the mood to do the same old same old monday routine, take yourself to lunch, read or do something funny, and create something awesome!

Have a truly amazing week. I know I`m going to.


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