September 29, 2008

Packing & loose ends

Man what a weekend. The sun came out, we did the epic Puma RunWild out in Durbanville on Saturday, which was a 15km trek out in the mountains. Full report coming and a video of the run as I ran with a videocamera, thus logging my first videoblog this week for Runners World Magazine

On Sunday I decided to do some quick stuff in the morning i.e. a 5km and a 2.5km trail race at the Atlantic Tri Club Xroads duathlon series. The race was awesome and I will get a full post up about it this week once we start travelling.

I then got on the bike and spent 2 hours in the wind (it was one of those roads where I road a loop and never got the wind behind me, in fact, it got stronger and more head-on the further I went) riding 70km in the late afternoon. I was fast, more than I thought.

The evening brought a gorgeous pink and red sunset like only the Safehouse can produce. It was glorious and even distracted me from The Big Pack. I am leaving for Hawaii tomorrow, and packing is the easy part. I only have to get bike, gear, spares, nutrition, clothes, race wear, camera, laptop, videocamera, ipod, spares, chargers and the like in. Thats the easy part.

Tying up loose ends before going is killing me. Things not arriving that were meant to be special suprises, things just not getting done because I only have so much time in a day. Probike delivering me the wrong set of aerobars, twice. Oh, and it took them 3 1/2 weeks to get them here. I will never again buy something from them after the service I got.

Its amazing how much stuff still needs to be done before we leave. The small things that add up to be a whole heap of little things is so much harder to solve than that 1 big problem. Definately a life lesson in there.

So, this week you can expect lots of posts from me, on how to keep track while Im away, and I`m going to start teaching you all about Twitter, Flickr and all that. Educations….

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