October 1, 2008

Xroads. An Awesome event.

Last weekend, I had the priviledge of taking part in the Atlantic Triathlon Club’s Xroads race with good mates Si and Law. Quick bit of background…

Atlantic Tri Club is the largest triathlon club in the country. The focus is FUN and the formula works really well for them. They have great partners and continue to grow not only their club, but the love for triathlon in general. Their events are much the same formula. The Housemate is chairman of the club, so I’m generally flooded with ATC stuff. Which is a great thing. If you’re keen to join, surf over to for more info.

Lets look at the awesome poster for the events series…

Note the use of the Urban Ninja in the marketing material. How awesome.

Anyhoo. The event consists of a 5km trail run and then the race splits. Roadies have the option to ride 20km on rolling terrain out in Durbanville, and the Dirty Mountainbikers have their own route. The top guys and girls all take the same time to get through their course and end up together in 2nd transition. The race is on for a last 2.5km through the mud and the winner gets an awesome prize. All in all, add in schwarma’s, pretty people and awesome music. That’s a magic formula.

The two mates I brought along, Si & Law, had a blast and I hope to see them at future events. The next one takes place on November 2nd. Hope to see you there.

Lets look at some of the pics…

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