October 7, 2008

The Energy Lab

Ok lets make sure again – where am I right now? 🙂


So, yesterday we ran in the dreaded, fabled energy lab and it was everything you can imagine. Boring, hot, solo, dreadful, awesome. Its really that much hotter down there, and my legs were sore all day after the 14km run.

Its basically just a dead stretch of road where people suffer even more than before they got there.

Even worse actually is the 10km stretch back to town, which undulates, more of which I`ll expand on tomorrow. I felt great running yesterday though and spent time with my mouth closed to check I was hitting the right pace, and not letting the ego get me too much.

I ran for a while with Luke McKenzie and Rebecca Keat. Both are awesome, and I did video interviews with both of them, shortly to be on the site.

tomorrow, i`ll blog about this place. We biked where there is a wind farm…. at Hawi. Its windy yes…

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