October 7, 2008

Urban Ninja Racekit : Orca

Lets take a minute to look at the race gear of choice for the Ironman in Hawaii. A while ago I spoke to Bernard from Orca and was keen to see what new goodies we could have potentially cooked up for the race in Hawaii. Nothing like a fresh set of threads to keep a Ninja motivated out there when the going gets tough.

Bernard called me up and said I should come see the stuff he had for me, and I headed out there ASAP as I had heard that the new tiger print 226 gear had arrived from a reliable source.

It was beautiful. New design, new cuts. Orca did not dissapoint. Lets have a look here at the 226 gear…

You’ll notice the sublimated top, and new, angled pockets, for easier access on the bike and the run. You’ll notice hidden zipper, longer cut for extra sun protection, and you’ll notice it fits just so damn good. The pants are the 226 Tri Pants Plus. They have a bit of extra chamois for the long ride and a back pocket for storing gels on the run. The fabic is smooth one way, and resistant the other way. Its smooth on the leg, and overturned on the bottom of the pants, so that it holds its place and doesn’t ride up, like ALL other tri pants.

I realized the new RS1 Swimskin wasn’t in the country yet, but was determined to buy one before I got in the water on raceday, even if I had to buy one here. What a suit. Have a check at the specs here. With the water in Hawaii being so flipping awesome and warm, we are not allowed to swim in wetsuits here. The RS1 is legal though for these kinds of swims, and I have it on good authority there is a ITU legal version coming next year. Magic.

To my utter delight, the day before I left for Sydney, Bernard called me with unbelievable news. Not only had he just enjoyed an awesome weekend away with his family, but a fresh RS1 had turned up. I asked for it to be sent with Russian Fighter Jet Pilot and Parachute into the Safehouse in Pretoria ASAP. It arrived an hour before we left home.

I swam in this suit today and OH MY GOSH!! It felt like a wetsuit. It just scoots through the water and it gives zero rash. Its designed in a way that it cant chafe the neck or under the arms. I slipped it on without a tri top and went straight into the water and headed for the first buouy and to my amazement, it felt like I had swum in the suit a hundred times.

You HAVE to own one of these. I don’t care if you have to steal from small children, but call Bernard now and order one. Go for it….

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