October 11, 2008


The lack of communication is entirely my fault. I have been really busy with real stuff and havent had much time to get to the internet cafe everyday. Wireless at home not working either, so that adds to the frustration of all of this.


this week has flown by, we have been sightseeing, dinners, and yes, the awesome swims continue. man, its awesome out there, real tropical conditions on the swim. power currents, but awesome views. Yes, the bike is stupid hard, there isnt 1 flat meter on the course, and 1300 meters of climbing total. The roads are made of lava and we have to run on them. the conditions here, they are brutal.

tomorrow is raceday and its really snuck up on everyone. yes, guys are still hammering out there today. the problem is multiplied as there are a host of world class short course athletes here for training camp it seems. The Bennets, Mr Stoltz, Craig Reed, they are all here doing the fast miles, and every now and again, I see an AG`er chasing them down Alii drive with blank stares in their eyes. Its scary here and the level gets to us all.

You can track me at and my race number is 1651.

alternatively click the link

Its been great spending time with everyone here and meeting awesome people. Ive done some great interviews and have some hilarious video footage of everyone at the Underpants Run. 500 ripped athletes running around in funny undies is quite surreal, especially when all the pro`s are there too.

The expo has been rocking and yes, I test rode a P4. Yes, its that good. Faris` white Xentis aerobars are my favorite toy though. There is so much cool stuff and so much stuff which is a waste of time its scary. Compression nosecones here we come I reckon…

its hot and humid but its not all that bad. I think my yoga helped alot more than I gave it credit during the sessions. something to continue when I get back.

I will take everyones wishes via facebook, twitter and email with me tomorrow on the course. I am not scared, I am not brash, I am just here to race. Realistic time ideas are out the window here it seems after speaking with ALOT of people, the weather can add an hour to your time here, so for me its more a reference to where I am in my age group, percentage wise, to the front guys. I have a number in my head and I`ll analyze after the race, but before that I`ll be out there doing my own thing it seems.

Its been a trying week, my watch cracked, my bike needed 2 services after 40 hours on planes, and my aerobars cost R600 to put on. Nothing is cheap here. Internet is about R10 a minute here, hence the lack of blogging as well. There are 150 something Australians here. How are there only 6 South Africans? Its a real question… where is out talent pool and why arent they being guided?

The big thing is that tomorrow, 11 years after I saw my first article written about triathlon, I get to fulfill a dream. Its a dream I set out in an exam hall in matric, that someday, like Luc van Lierde, I would be out there on the lavafields. I knew it would take me years to build the endurance. I was injured for the first 4 years I did triathlon, and lost motivation in the middle.

Then I met 3 guys who changed my life. Hannes, Andy, and Brett. No particular order. They sparked the rebith in this sport for me, and for them I give them a big Mahalo. I thank my amazing parents and my awesome girlfriend for sticking with me this year while I fulfill this dream. Today i`m with my head in the sky, but in a day or two i`ll have the time to thank them properly as well.

Thanks to all the friends, the housemate, the training partners and the acquaintances in Cape Town, Jozi and Dirtbin for keeping it real. Thanks for family for the kind wishes. I have so much to be greatful for, and so much to give back. But first, I have a small training day to get through tomorrow…..


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