October 21, 2008


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This was the view as we flew on the tip of the south pole on our way home on Sunday. it was so white you couldn’t look at it too long. it was so stark in relation to the dark aeroplane we were in that it seemed like a fake. I was mesmerized and we couldn’t stop looking at it. Incredible. Its been on my mind since then, which has been a grand way to reflect on an amazing year that has treated me like a King.

I am getting to the end of the first year of focussing on Ironman solely and opting to skip the shorter stuff this year. I reckon after 3 years I’ll know what my potential is. Remember – I do this around a normal 8:30 to 5:00 work schedule and have to deal with the pressures of normal life as well.

I’ve had incredible mental, emotional, personal and physical breakthroughs this year. This is the time I am going through my Big Picture Planning for next year and the reflections I have had are incredible so far. As they are complete, I’ll let you know what the total picture is for next year.

Reflection for me is only useful if its purpose is to effectively change the present and how I go about the power of now to give myself better choices in the future. I dont spend much time in the past, but reflect on what I’ve learnt and how I am going to take it forward, in the moment.

I cant wait to share the outcomes with you all.


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