October 28, 2008 – the best thing since Pethadine?

Its Monday afternoon after a long weekend and you’re struggling to keep your mind focussed on work. 5FM is playing the same 8 songs over and over all day, and if you have to hear any more adverts for superclubs in Boksburg you might pull a Luke Watson. You long for the old days of varsity, where there was not a care in the world, and the music was “real”

You lead off in your mind and there you are, in your Doc Martens, long hair with a Black Label in your hand. That indie chick with the flowy hair is dancing up a storm to the Nude Girls at Rag a few feet away from you. Your eyes lock. Arno Carstens finishes off on Blue Eyes and you hear the first riffs of Bubblegum on my Boots and your heart rate rises…BAM! your boss moans at you for daydreaming.

You wish that song was on right now, but where will you find it??!?! have the answer.

You be the DJ. Create your playlist, share your tunes. Become World Famous!

Its streaming audio and there are literally 1000’s of DJ’s online. You choose the songs, or choose to follow a particular DJ’s playlist. Someone who appreciates “the good stuff”.

You type in “Bubblegum on my Boots” and there it is. Click. Listen. Reminisce. Love.

Go on, visit because their concept rocks. Just watch out, you get caught up in the vibe and might get even less work done if you don’t watch yourself.

I’m not saying this happened to me, but you know….. it happens. Apparently. Ok maybe I was on for an hour yesterday. And today.

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