October 29, 2008


I recently read a great book called “The Shack”. The core of this book is about unconditional love and how that shelters the world from fear and evil. It got me thinking about how I might be treating people around me, specifically those who I am particularly fond of. I found after reading the book I was without a doubt, more aware of my words and actions. It was given to me at the best time possible i.e. the week after an Ironman. I was (as you are in those times) reflective and open to many emotions that I might shut out say… in the week leading into a big race.

You often read of people who see the aura’s of others when they have taken hallucinogenic substances. That the colors are extreme and beautiful and you can see the energy of people, often in technicolor rainbows. The book speaks of such a moment when the weight of the perception of the world is taken off someones eyes.

You also often read that when people have a major positive breakthrough in their lives, that the colors of the trees, flowers and sky improve. It makes sense, as the senses are so powerful and that we dont actually “see” with our eyes, but with our brain. In a nutshell, once we open our senses, or make them more positive, our perception of the world improves in a positive fashion.

I can testify that from the yoga I am doing, a deep calm is instilled in me for 2-3 days after a good session of sweat and nerve stimulus. I love the effect that yoga has had on me this year. I am sure that what we see through our eyes, is a “PG-65” view of the world, as kids seem to see alot more than we do. They are far more aware of the natural forces in the world, before we drill it out of them.

So when it comes to treating people with unconditional love, the problem is that our faith system as humans has been damaged through the process of growing up. I don’t know a single solitary person who hasn’t been hurt by another human. Our inherent nature isn’t to hurt others, but through life, we learn the technique and some of us become very skilled at it. Words can hurt just as much as actions in humans and our parents teach us to watch out, that life isn’t fair, that we will get hurt, we will have our hearts broken, that we will be cheated in the workplace. We are so conditioned to expect bad things to happen. The media doesn’t help either. When last was there good news on the news?

When a child gets kidnapped, its on Sky News for weeks, and if we are lucky enough to get that child back, its a 1 day story that she`s safe. Sky moves on to the next bad story. We don’t hear how the child is happy at home, that her friends welcomed her back and that she lost her first tooth a week later. No – we hear about a highschool gang in Alabama who have shot up their school. Bad news on bad news, with a hint of joy.

Justin Timberlake said it…..

One of the things the Urban Angel and I have instilled in our relationship in the last year is the notion that we ALWAYS have each others’ best interest at heart, in every action we take in each moment in each day. Its taken a while for it to sink in (as most things do with humans) but we are reaping real benefit for these things lately.

If you have a love at the centre of your relationship with people, and an inherent love in you that powers your thought patterns, I guarantee you will see the benefits that get spoken of so often in Philosophy, Psychology, Religion and Spirituality. Some of these, in no particular order, are:

1. A brighter, more colorful world around you. When you love where you are, the colors are always better.
2. Better relationships with family, friends and colleagues.
3. Your food will taste better, and look. I love to cook, and often the lucky recipients of my food ask how I make something so simple look so good. Its simple, I love that food and love to present it. It shows. If it shows, it tastes better.
4. Time will slow down. Ever notice how totally relaxed days in places you love seem to drag out?
5. Your dreams will improve. I havent had a nightmare since I had my breakthroughs.

If you want to open your mind, and let the love flow like the Orange River in flood, here are some ways to improve your thought patterns.

1. Give up. Stop fighting the world. It doesn’t want to fight you.
2. Sit in a empty room with a pen and paper, and write. For a whole day.
3. Clean your diet of stimulants and processed foods. Sugar doesn’t help you make good decisions.
4. Write your friends (all of them) and family (even that mother in law) a letter telling them you love them, and might not have told them in a while.
5. Formulate a life plan that includes time for yourself, time for regular exercise, and time to enjoy the things you love.


PS: If you didnt notice the colors on that jellyfish, please note, this post is specifically for you.

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There’s nothing like the reielf of finding what you’re looking for.


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