November 5, 2008

A random experience

Its been a few days since I started training again and I have also committed to a detox of sorts after a few weeks of good old fashioned retox. Whilst I am feeling tired and the motivation comes and goes, I know in the next few weeks It’ll settle down and my hunger will disappear. In the meantime though, it will relate to a few funny experiences. Yesterday was one of those.

A real pearler of a day here, I was in Stellenbosch and had planned to do a short run with some strides in around 5ish in the afternoon. I tried to gather some troops for the run but only managed to get a group doing hill repeats (not yet thanks!) and Brett, who said he was going to be doing around 40minutes. Brett was a little late, so after 2 hill repeats (what was I thinking) he came along and we headed out onto the mountain. “You’ll be home by 50minutes” I was assured.

1hr,10min,32sec later I was walking the final steps to my car, parched like a toad in the Sahara, laughing at myself for being so silly. Not only had I managed to do 2 hill reps way above my normal intensity, but I had just trotted another hour around the mountain and overshot my goal by roughly 90%. Such a normal thing to do in this phase.

As I got in the car I drank the hot water left over from my morning ride in the water bottle. I committed to not having a pizza, even if everything I looked at reminded me of one. Steering wheel, stop signs and the countless pizza shops leading to the highway later I managed to avoid it. It was roughly 6:45 by now and I was almost delusional hungry. My head was covered with the sensation of pins and needles and my legs ached. As soon as I turned onto the N2 and the sun was out my eyes, my whole world changed.

The combination of the haze that sweeps off the Indian Ocean with the low lying sun to the west created a platform for one of the best drives of my life. My heightened senses were on their tip toes, and the slightly exaggerated emotions of desperation had me totally aware of my surroundings. It seemed as if the light was something you could touch and play with, mould into the shapes your inner child desires. As I swept past the airport the majestic mountains of Constantia came into play and the cirrus clouds which had been working their way around the Penninsula all day were circling in the upper thermals around the outcrops. Combined with the fantastic tricks the sun was playing (and some great minimal house music) I was no longer dying of hunger or thirst, but instead I was completely in awe of how beautiful the world can be.

I was mesmerised by the overlapping reds and yellows of the sun, the whites and browns of the clouds on the mountains and the greens of the lush vegetation as I was on the M3 into town.

This of course all came to a screeching halt when Chef Pons told me they had raised the price of their Pad Thai Chicken by 50% since I was there last. It was a abrupt suprise that eating out had become expensive, even at your old reliable “deal”.

But bless, I was greeted by the sun setting over Camps Bay and the Safe House as I crossed over the neck towards home. There was no wind, no clouds, just glorious sunset…

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November 26, 2008 at 1:08 pm

I know I am reading this very late in the month, but I could feel the haze around me and see the clouds playing above me – this is just so real!I wish I had been on this run.


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