November 5, 2008

Making time i.e. dont multitask

I hear so many people complaining that they dont have time to get to the things that they want to do. I hear them saying that they are multitasking their asses off in an attempt to make more time.

I believe there are maybe 100 people on the planet who can really multitask. The rest of should be making a list every morning which lists the most important thing you need to do in that day at the top, and the least important at the bottom. I am not talking what you “think” is important, but what will have a real impact on your life. This does not include Facebook (unless you`re Barrack Hussein Obama) or Twitter. Those are definately not things you have to do.

Take your list and until you have finished the top item, dont even start the second item. Our human ability to multitask dampens our effectiveless in a bigger picture, and as you know, I’m all about the bigger picture.

Here are some great ways to save time:

1. Spend 1 hour less a day on Facebook. If you count the amount of time you spend a year on Facebook, and equate that to hours, and convert that to what you earn per hour, does it really pay you that much to be on there so much?
2. Check email twice a day. Its ok to have a 24 hour email reply policy. 11am and 4pm are great times.
3. Spend 30 minutes less a day watching tv. At the end of your day, make time to talk to and love someone instead of watching Reaper and CSI. Choose CSI.
4. Get to bed earlier. How does that save you time? A fresher start means you get better quality work in everyday, instead of lazy work.

You may, however, spend 10 minutes a day trawling Urban Ninja for valuable information.


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