November 11, 2008

Birthday Gifts

So tomorrow is my birthday, and this year I am taking the stance that I don’t want a birthday gift from anyone. I would rather you take the nominal value you wanted to buy something for me with, and donate it to charity for our Movember Bowling Tournament. You will find the Movember post just down the page from this one. I have had such a blessed year I have decided its time you took your cash and gave it to someone who needs it more than I do.

If you absolutely cannot get past the idea of putting money into Cansa, then there is only 1 item which I want…

I realise what they are. But do you actually know? This from the manufacturer…

“No matter how hard we try, a certain number of hubshells just aren’t going to pass our quality control standards. A bore is a tiny bit off, a wall thickness is little out of the tolerance, maybe the shell’s surface finish was not quite right. Into the scrap pile it goes. Unless it would be OK for a shaker.

These are not “rejected” parts, they have only been reassigned to a life of service that is more suited to their slightly non-conformist tendencies.

The SNP shakers (Salt and Pepper) are our front hubshells put to good use on your dinner table.

A favorite bike rider gift, and they are certainly more useful than a Christmas Tree Ornament.

Call us (800.523.6008) to place an order and check color availability.

Price: $120

But please, I would like them in RED. Click the link here

raoul at urban-ninja dot co dot za

One Comment on “Birthday Gifts

Doc G
November 12, 2008 at 5:39 pm

happy birthday bro and best wishes for the year to come.


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