November 14, 2008

The Moment…

Fresh off the back of a good block of solid time invested into something passionate you should expect something called “The Moment”.

The Moment is as clear as the crytal blue sea in Santorini in Mid August. If you know what you are feeling, The Moment will be a feeling of total control, peace and contentment, and will leave you full to the brim with the essence of life. It is the reward for hard work. It will be a quiet moment and you will glow, I guarantee it.

If it’s in a sports sense, you will feel it in your muscles as you power effortlessly through the day. You will wake up that morning with a quiet mind, and a hungry stomach. The body will know its going to reward you for the hard work you’ve put in for the last few weeks, even if you aren’t aware of it just yet. A marked improvement in racing performance is about to happen, if you know how to nurse it. If you nurture your performance today, you are going to be a superstar. It doesn’t mean you will win the race, as The Moment happens to everyone, from the winner to the person finishing last. The Moment is a universal satisfaction and the reason we keep on keeping on.

The Moment may come as you ready for the start of the swim. As you warm up you will feel smooth and long, your breathing will be easier than you remember. You may smile to yourself. No… you will definitely smile to yourself. Colours will be brighter and your sense of taste will be sharp. The wind on your skin will give you goosebumps of pure joy as you raise your eyes to the heavens in awe of what you are feeling.

You will feel effortless all day. Even bad luck can’t stop you on the day and you will always remember The Moment. It will be etched in your mind and be the provider of motivation through tough training sessions. The Moment will fuel your training as you hunger for it to reappear. It is the catalyst between mileage and personal victories.

I will never forget the times The Moment has happened to me. This year at Ironman South Africa in Port Elizabeth, I had The Moment. It was as we rounded the 3rd buoy on the swim, 1st lap around the bay. I had put in the mileage and I was expecting it. I had Raynard Tissink on my feet and he was constantly touching my ankles. I powered 4 strokes ahead and 2 strokes left passed the guy who`s feet I was on. I settled in next to Charl Keet without losing a smidgen of energy. I swam 2 strokes of backstroke and looked back to find Ray was a full body length behind me now, on the feet of another swimmer. As I turned forwards again I was cruising with a stroke so long I had to watch that I wasn’t overreaching. I recognised The Moment and was smiling to myself for the rest of the day as I loved being so in control of my body, mind and ability, securing a slot to Kona in the process.

The Moment is a reflection of your ability. So often we cut our race performances short. When we have a great day out there, people will say you over performed. I disagree completely. The Moment leads to a true reflection of your training. If you clear your mind of all the worldly nonsense that goes on up there, your race day will reflect that.

Most people experience The Moment only once a year, if they are lucky. I believe it’s possible to experience The Moment many times in a year if you prepare properly mentally and physically for your races. It will come in training, in racing, in business and in random scenarios. Once you learn to initiate it and pick it up in your daily doings, The Moment will become a part of your life and you will wonder how you lived without it.

In business, The Moment comes with the spark for a new idea, the solution to a particular problem, or the creation of a new direction. It will come in a singular moment. It will be clear as daylight if you are in tune with what your mind is telling you. Listen to yourself more often. If you clear all that mental junk food from your beautiful mind, you will experience more moments of real purpose. Your path through life will be much less filled with debris.

I had The Moment walking down the stairs the other day at work, and I was dumbfounded with how clear it came to me. Divine intervention. I am currently preparing a platform to launch something that came to me in that moment. Keep your mice pointed to the blog and launching Jan 1, 2009 will be the manifestation of The Moment.

How many times do you hear the world’s most successful people saying their simple idea came to them “in a moment of clarity”. That’s it right there!

Today, and for the weekend, I am putting it out there that you will experience The Moment somewhere, our there, in the middle of your day. When it happens, note it, write it down, and take action from it. Anything less is cutting yourself short.

Go out and find it…

It’s waiting for you.

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