November 18, 2008

Getting to the fruit.

So I’ve put together a plan of action to get those fruit again. Not only are the fruit you see there tough to get to, being out on the thin branches at the end of the plausible line of “normality” but the fruit are also not clear as to what exactly they are. This is one of the greatest problems with having a few things going on.





In no particular order of course. But I have a laid out structure for my athletic goals, my work goals, my goals for playtime and my goals for love and my relationship with the Urban Angel. She has committed to doing Ironman SA in 2009, so I have to put time aside to support her through that, as its her first one, and she will have loads of questions, doubts and tiredness. I need to be “that guy” who is the best boyfriend, trusted advisor, coach and best friend all in one.

My athletic goals are pretty simple until March. Race shorter races and build power, which will then translate into speed around July when I plan on racing my first Ironman for the year 2009. If you want to know more on how I laid out my plan, check out my article on Personal Planning by searching for it on the top of the page.

My work goals are still under wraps a lot has changed and there is a lot going on in the next 6 weeks that you will all witness as it happens. I am currently under probation….

But to get to the fruit I have to carefully execute a plan that is changeable according to the changes the world brings upon my life. I need to be able to move and adapt this plan without it interrupting the big goals of the plan. It needs to fit in with those around me, without disturbing their lives too much, and most of all, I dont want the plan to irritate and fatigue me, the guy who has to implement it.

Fatigue is my Nr 1 killer of motivation and performance. If I can manage that with all my goals and plans, then they will all be a success.

Here`s to a stellar 2009!

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