November 18, 2008

Volvo Ocean Race – a Puma Perspective

Please click the picture for its true size. You HAVE to see how beautiful this experience was.

So I was lucky enough to crack the nod at a very select group of people who got on Puma Yachts and followed Il Mostro, Puma’s entry into the Volvo Ocean Race 2008, out into the ocean as the official race relaunched in Cape Town this past weekend.

Puma Decked out with 5FM to host a killer function with breki, a trip on the boats for that once in a lifetime chance to get real close to the action as the boats whipped out on their way up to India.

It was truly amazing and another chapter in my life never to be forgotten. The pictures on my flimsy camera give no justice to the action we witnessed or how close we actually got to the boats as they made their way around.

Puma even had little speedsails in the ocean, and we saw a guy on a stand-up paddleboard roughly 1km into the ocean in the middle of the action!

A big thank you to Puma for hosting us, for spoiling us, and continuing to make my dreams come true;

Did I mention one of the boats was the fables yacht which made the fastest circumnavigation of the world recently. True Puma style to pimp it out with Dino Moran on the decks and the Heinekens flowing freely. Thats the yacht just above this paragraph. Below are 2 more amazing shots from the trip. It was just unreal.


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