November 19, 2008

How hard can it be right?

I am always amazed at how the body deals with pain. It simply forgets about it. Its a coping mechanism for dealing with future similar scenarios. When pain is purely physical we forget easily, but when its emotional it tends to leave a scar that can cut quite deep and might take years of therapy to get over.

I am about to embark on a training phase which is going to give me quite a bit of stiffness and muscle soreness over the next few months. My quest to superpower my bike split has to work in 2 phases. I did a year of really good basework this year, and for the next few months I am going to rebuild it with speed and sustained power workouts, all at higher intensities (but not near threshold) than what I’ve been doing this year. This means less mileage but higher quality mileage, and more pain.

But how hard can it be right?

I try to look back and remember how tough these sessions have been in the past but I cant seem to remember them. I remember how good the waffles tasted halfway through the ride, or how good the gelato was afterwards, but the actual pain, I dont remember.

This coping mechanism is going to also come in full effect this weekend when I ride a 200km bike race in a group/team of 12 guys over 2 huge passes.

How hard can it be right?

I’m soon to find out…

One Comment on “How hard can it be right?

November 20, 2008 at 1:03 pm

Very very very hard…I pretty much survive entirely on this type of training and it’s pain right through your whole body…..they don’t call timetrials the race of truth for nothing..! good luck embrace the pain, after all you’ll forget about it soon enough..


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