November 21, 2008

Gorgeous Restaurant / Sustainable Development

One of the new things I am going to be posting about is sustainable design. As my itch to buy a property grows at the moment one of the things I am researching is sustainable design, as the option to build is there too, as frustrating as that may seem.

I found (not literally, because then I’d still be there) this restaurant this morning and had to post some pictures of it. How gorgeous is this?

The new Yellow Treehouse Restaurant by New Zealand based Pacific Environments Architects Ltd is a stunning architectural feat perched high above a redwood forest. Appearing for all the world like an enormous chrysalis grafted onto a 40-meter-high redwood tree, the project is constructed of plantation poplar slats, redwood ballustrading milled at the site, and makes extensive use of natural lighting throughout.

WOW! I love it. Can you imagine one of these in Tokai Forest, overlooking Muizenberg and False Bay? Sipping an organic wheat free smoothie and nibbling on a thai stirfry?!

Lets look a the inside…

Ok so I’m in love with that vibe. The natural light is my favorite. Its also open at night, lets see what it looks like when the lights go on…


have a great weekend.

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