December 2, 2008

Proof that sailing is messy.

This report from the Puma Il Mostro boat in the Volvo Ocean Race .

…”It seems that as the temperature drops, the size of squid increases, so does the intensity of its ink, thus increasing the overall mess on the deck! Last night’s suicide attacker was just one, rather large, inky squid, who landed just aft of the cockpit next to the starboard tiller! That means he managed to cross the cockpit in mid-air. Lucky I was not out there at the time! I thought getting walloped in the face by a flying fish was bad enough, but I dread to imagine getting “squidded” in the face….. must be a bit like getting pooed on by a seagull in Lorient.”

Just a normal day on the ocean I guess. Flying squids and seagulls that poo in bucketloads.

Still not convinced?


WTFY?! Thats a little much for a lycra wearing dude like myself.

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