December 4, 2008

That ego moment this morning.

So, I’m a little sick this morning and get up to do my windtrainer session. I am doing a new weekly ritual called Ultimate Intervals. I basically am trying to supersize my V02 Max in 12 weeks. Quite a trying task and involves quite a bit of suffering.

More on Ultimate Intervals later…

I did the first interview and coughed up a nice ball oh phlegm. Yuk I know but how else do you say it. Marilu was next to me and she casually told me “You know what you`d be telling me right now” and my first reaction was fueled by the interval which has just elapsed. I was out of breath and a little aggressive (gotta get my aggro on to hold these damn intervals) and made an excuse on the spot.

It took me a minute to calm down and then I realised she was right on the money. I needed to calm down and keep my HR down. She brought up the good point about my mother who pushed her heart when she was ill and ended up with a damaged heart = i.e. not good for Ironman.

I was upset that my session was overs kadovers but I kept spinning the cranks until an idea came to me and I altered my program to include some GR work. Mail me if you dont know what that is. raoul at urban-ninja dot co dot za. I got through the hour no problem without killing myself and my energy levels have been incredible all day because of it. I actually feel healthier.

Just a random thought. Conquered that stupid ego of mine again this morning with a little help from a gorgeous bystander. Lets get back to work now.


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Urban Angel
December 4, 2008 at 4:09 pm

That is the great thing about an accountability training partner. Internally there are emotions, egos, hormones, lack of sleep, stress and all kinds of other varioubles that can blurr the bigger picture. When you have an accountability training partner, which only has your best interest at heart, you are assured to have someone that can put it all into perspective.

My advise would be to not only invest into great gear and tech, but to invest into those people training around you. You never knows when you need to count on them. Thanks love for investing in me.

December 4, 2008 at 10:39 pm

huh? gr work???


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