December 5, 2008

Being a pro cyclist.

On Twitter, I got this update from Lance Armstrong (I follow his twits, he has not yet made the wise decision to follow mine) yesterday which simply stated

“This is what it looks like from our perspective” with a URL link. I clicked it and was amazed to see he was micro blogging from the launch of the Astana team and the picture was their view of all the press that were there. Quite a cool image don’t you think?

I think its quite cool that Lance allows us into his private life and quite relishes it by giving us up to date information on what he`s doing. He is a smart guy and I am sure he has a good angle on this whole comeback of his.

Late addition : Found this pic on Pezcyclingnews : Could it be that moment?

One Comment on “Being a pro cyclist.

Marc Perel
December 9, 2008 at 1:14 pm

I agree, I’m digging Lances’ twitter updates.

Also wanna say the PezCyclingnews is the coolest Cycling News source around (that’s coolest, not most comprehensive).


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