December 5, 2008

My favorite song right now.

Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire

Youtube has not allowed me to embed the video sorry. You`ll have to click the link to view the video at their site. This songs rocks my world at the moment, and I am due to purr chase the Kings of Leon CD. It will be the first CD I am going to buy in a while. A little more about the band, from Wikipedia.

Kings of Leon is a rock band from Columbia, Tennessee. The band is made up of three brothers – Caleb Followill (lead singer/rhythm guitar), Nathan Followill (drums/backup vocals), Jared Followill (bass guitar/backup vocals/synthesizer) – and their first cousin Matthew Followill (lead guitar/backup vocals). The band’s sound derives from southern rock, garage rock, hard rock and blues. They have released four full-length albums. The group’s name is derived from Nathan, Caleb and Jared’s father and grandfather, both named Leon.[1] In terms of chart positions the band have been far more popular in Europe (notably the UK) than their homeland.

Naaaaiiice one. No listen to the track, again and again!

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