December 9, 2008

Feeling it! Adaptation & Suffering for Reward.

There is always this period when I get back into training that I can feel the muscles are now starting to respond after being off for a bit (injury, Ironman
, motivation are all reasons for time off). There is a difference in the power of the contractions, a little more spring in my daily step as I trot off to the shops around lunchtime to find something carnivorous to devour.

This last Ironman took it out of me. The fact of having raced on sugar instead of good calories certainly took its time. A few extra beers (and the odd tequila) at the after party certainly didn’t help either, but alas, when Rutger Beke
is buying, I’m drinking.

Instead of 4 weeks I needed a good 6 weeks easy and it wasn’t until after Double Century
a few weekends ago that I felt ready to train again. A bit of purpose was added with a plan for the first 4 months of next year, racing wise, and suddenly not only did my attention span at work increase, but my willingness to hurt myself came back.

This morning was supposed to be Ultimate Intervals as opposed to Thursday, as its Jailbreak
this weekend and I need a few days rest. The prospect of the 25km run in 36-40 degree heat is quite like the joy of root canal, so I’m taking no chances in being a little tired leading into the race.

Marilu was doing an alternate work-out, and her first new harder indoor trainer work-out. As she moaned through her first interval (totally different style of interval might I add) I powered through mine and felt amazingly good. As she eased off the pedals a bit and shifted a gear, her hand-me-down wind trainer gave a loud screech and I knew I had to give her my new, zooty one. As much as I wanted to do the work-out, I knew hers was more important this morning and I headed out the door for a run.

The story will get there now.

I felt much better running today again, with that slight feeling of effortlessness again. As I headed into the strides section of my work-out I got faster and faster with every stride and my recovery seemed to speed up as I went : THAT SPELLS ADAPTATION!! It was so exciting I had to stop and have a pee.

I felt truly satisfied with my workout for the first time in ages this morning and tonight, its Ultimate Intervals time. The only choice left is whether to count the 1 interval I did this morning, or start all over?


The image for today comes from the new Inside Triathlon Magazine. Often we only see these images of the winners in Kona looking fantastic the whole way. That’s Crowie in the pic, yes, Craig Alexander looking like he is KAKKING off. He won the race. Its not always graceful. Its not always pretty. But its always rewarding.

One Comment on “Feeling it! Adaptation & Suffering for Reward.

Urban Angel
December 10, 2008 at 4:46 pm

Come on boy. Where the pics of you and Craig after the rewards. You need to put them up now! I need to warn you all, they look pretty similar!


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