December 12, 2008

Dog of the WEEK!

You all know I love dogs. They make me happy. I got passed this video via le web about a cracker of a Jack Russel, so instead of an upside down dog this week, you get a rocking little guy.

His owner is clearly South African, so you`ll love the commentary as the little guy gets more and more excited.

When the author cracks a “oh my sack” I am officially on the floor bellowing out laughter.

Have a great weekend!

[youtube: ]

One Comment on “Dog of the WEEK!

Urban Angel
December 12, 2008 at 3:13 pm

I love the fact that the dog’s name is McGyver! The super dog that doesn’t know “Impossible”!!

I had my entire office watch in unbelieve.
(I love the woman’s voice in the back ground going, “I almost had an heart attack!”)


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