December 15, 2008

Hows your vibe?

Does the picture describe your vibe right now? I am finding so many negative people around me lately, must be to do with the time of year.

Its near the end of year and for most of us, we are still at work. The lucky few who are on holiday already, enjoy. I will be there soon. If your vibe is negative and your glass is half empty, I urge you to take a step back and just push for this last week or two, because then your glass will be full again.

But you need to start being positive now, so that by the time holiday starts, your glass is already on the full side and it just so much easier to fill a half full glass than start on the empty side.

I know I need to perk up a little. I have been at a year end function or racing for the last 5 days and I this week is jam packed with the same again. Where did my peaceful little existence go? I feel like I need a holiday!

Did I just say that? Doh! There, point proven. Even I need to top by glass up so that my recharge can start a little faster once the holiday kicks in.

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