December 23, 2008

Braving the Elements

the last two days have me thinking about the size of athlete and how it affects their performance relative to the conditions of the course, race, et al…

Marilu is a little chick. She weighs in around 20kg less than I do, and I have found, in a very amateur synopsis, that her performance in wind is far less than mine, on a relative scale of course. She can just about hang my pace on a long run, albeit her HR being 20 beats higher than mine. But if I go easy, she can hang in her AeT zone. If there is substantial wind, we have found that our heart rates vary by 30 beats, and I have to keep waiting for her along the route.

Smaller athletes also struggle with aero positions (they just dont seem to be able to bend as well) and compression socks seem to cover them to mid thigh. Ok, I made that last one up. But the aero thing is real.

Is there something to this? Anyone got any experience in this field?

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