January 8, 2009

End of holidays are near…

as the weekend approaches and the holiday is coming to an end, its been a great time to reflect on what looks to be an amazing 2009. I see lots of opportunity in all spheres in my life and I am definately going into the year fitter than I have ever been. This camp has done wonders and its something I am going to instigate on a yearly basis from now on.

my dreams for this year are to see the world becoming a better place through this recession stuff. in desperate times people tend to do amazing things, beyond what you would expect. so for 2009 I am hoping to world will step up and take responsibility for its actions, indeed, that the people I deal with on a daily basis will step to the plate in a free world with freedom of choice, stand up from time to time and say:

“That dumb ass mistake is mine. I am human, and I apologise sincerely for the bad choice I made.”


As long as pride, ego and anger rule the way you think (a basis for most of us), that sentence is unlikely. You will take it too personally and be too hard on yourself to say that to someone you might even love. How kak is that? Sorry for the french, but seriously, its just a mistake.

We all make them. Stand up and say you did it. I suck. Its quite empowering. In fact, go out and do something you are particularly swak at. Laugh at yourself. Dont try to do it any better, just go suck at it.

And then, when you have someone tell you that they made a mistake, take it kindly, dont jump down their throats, just give them a hug and truely forgive them. At some point, you might need the hug back.

On that note, I am off to go do something I truly suck at….

and have a good old fashioned laugh at myself.

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